Brian Flockhart
Swimming Coordinator
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 07531 708639 / 0800 988 4634

Aim to Swim Follows the National Plan for teaching swimming and to increase learning we have a maximum of 6 children per class and our teachers will be in the water for safety and demonstrations

The National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) 2007 is the national syllabus produced by theASA to assist and support the delivery of swimming lessons.

It is the most successful sports programme of its kind and the syllabus is currently being implemented in over 1,000 swimming programmes nationwide as well as being adopted overseas as a model of good practice.

The National plan encourages teachers to make classes fun and interesting creating an excellent learning environment

Aim to swim will plan and deliver stages 1-7, Stage 1 for beginners and stage 7 for more advanced swimmers

ASA badges and certificates can be awarded to children who pass any stage through 1-7 and also distance badges may be awarded.

121 lessons lesson for children/adults who require a teacher all for themselves, teacher will also be in the water. Lessons run for 30 minutes.

Group Classes – Maximum of 6 Children in any 1 class and the teacher will be in the water. Lessons will run for 30 minutes

Adult classes – Our adult classes are very relaxed and friendly and have a maximum of 6 to each class.

Crash Courses – Crash courses are available in the school holidays for those that find it hard to attend our other classes.

Summer Holidays Swimming Crash courses

4 day swimming crash course and assessment starting 9th August
5 day swimming crash course and assessment starting 23rd August.
We will provide group and 1:1 swimming lessons, 30 minute lesson each day.

Please Call or email to book

Parent and Tots Sessions – Our parent and tot classes are for children aged from 3 months - 3 years. Our lessons are in a warm, calm atmosphere. Prices are for �40 for a 5 week course.

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